leveling the playing field
Go to coderdojo nova

coderdojo nova

FREE coding and tech sessions for kids designed to proactively eliminate gender and socioeconomic barriers to computer science

Go to Cool Code Awards

Cool Code Awards

regional coding competition for elementary/middle school, and high school students in Northern Virginia.

Go to smartphilm fest

smartphilm fest

tech/film festival with shorts shot exclusively with smartphones and other mobile devises.

Go to awesome nova

awesome nova

community giving initiative that grants $1,000 to projects in sciences, tech, arts, education, media, and civic engagement.


Field of Dreams
Our Story

Startfield is a 501(c)(3) local nonprofit organization on a mission to build and empower communities of innovators and creatives to spur economic development. Startfield focuses on four main areas of engagement: ideate, incubate, accelerate, and accommodate.

Startfield seeks to attract and support the most vibrant talent and promising innovators and entrepreneurs in an effort to build a unique and passionate entrepreneurial and enterprising culture in the greater Northern Virginia region.

  • inspiring the next generation of innovators and trailblazers

  • fostering entrepreneurship through competitions

  • showcasing the area's talent and creatives

  • creating the space to spur innovation

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